ADF windows hardware

The locking-opening elements have been carefully selected because they highly influence the reliability of ADF windows and doors.

The ADF window is standard equipped with Maco Multi-Matic - Austria hardware.

  • Lower frame hinge and sash
  • Additional locking rod
  • Horizontal tilt-sliding corner
  • Constant rod
  • Incorrect drive mechanism.
  • Equal corner
  • Tipping scissors
  • Micro ventilation
  • Uneven corner
  • Upper hinge
  • Stulp bar
  • Concealed anti-buckling hinge
  • Burglary-resistant lock

Mechanism for the prevention of the incorrect use of the handle with a leaf lifting role

Micro ventilation for regular air exchange

Stulp bar for easy handling

Concealed hinges for an exclusive design

Burglary-resistant lock

Central handle – more light, perfect symmetry

MF-H 01 Bronze

MF-H 01 Titanium

MF-H 01 White

MF-H 01 Brown

MF-G 15 Auriu

MF-G 03 Stainless steel

MF-G 04 Stainless steel

MF-G 02 Bronze

MF-H Capri Stainless steel

MF-H Athinai Golden