A quality window can be put in value only by its correct fitting; otherwise, major malfunctions may appear which will seriously hinder the windows lifespan.
Classic installation with elastic foam or installation with 3-layer joints with pre-compressed sealing tape.

Tape installation: Cleverly - 100% sealing - 3 in 1

If previously you had to use three products, you can now achieve the insulation with a single product.
Easy and quick installation; the fitting time is significantly reduced. Tightness could not be achieved easier and in a shorter time.
Also suitable in the construction of passive houses.

Advantages in 3 directions (Interior - Middle - Exterior)



100% tight, vapour barrier that insulates the interior of the room to the outside environment, eliminating the risk of mould in the middle layer.


Thermal and sound insulation; the layer is elastic and absorbs the window's expansions and structural movements.


Layer of protection to weather, specifically designed to stop liquid water to penetrate the joints. Protects against driving rain and wind.