Lift and slide doors

Very large openings / easy handling

Lift and slide doors

To get a generous perspective on the exterior, the feeling of freedom and safety, ADF launches the newest lift and slide system dedicated to daytime living spaces. This specially designed product combines great openings, easy handling with thermal and acoustic comfort.
By simply turning the handle you can create a continuous link between indoors and outdoors.

Visibility: The lift & slide system will give you a complete perspective on the exterior of your house, with a length of up to 6.5 m and a height of up to 2.5 m.

Large opening: By its opening of up to 3.2 m, the door can let the fresh air outside, the relaxing breeze, the sound of the rain pass through and especially the feeling that you are in the middle of nature.

Smooth crossing: Getting out on the terrace a wheel table, an armchair or a baby carriage is very easy, because the special sill makes the passage very smooth.

Comfort: You will enjoy what you like, because the door protection performance has the ability to keep out cold and unwanted noises.

Handling: The lift & slide door is very easy to handle, even by the children, thanks to its special lifting and smooth sliding system.

Light: A home full of natural light is a home that contributes to the family health and the eyes health in particular.

Safety: The ADF lift & slide door will protect you from unwanted visits through the closure system and the cutting edge glass technology.

Aesthetics: The overall appearance of the house will be remarkable because modern houses with large windows and openings are appreciated.

Silence: You can go out and enter without disturbing anyone, helped by the silent opening and rolling systems, and the SoftClose-controlled closing system.

Automation: For the times when you want to fully enjoy the relaxation moments, you can opt for the automatic door opening system with a remote control or a button.