Fereastra ADF, a successful brand!

The ADF vision for the B2B segment was based on the full and unitary approach of the business, including besides the production and delivery of PVC joinery, also sales, marketing, assembly, warranty, post-warranty services.
A partnership with ADF means a professional, efficient and profitable business.

Why ADF?

- We offer a full range of PVC windows and doors, thermal insulating glass, accessories and exterior shading systems;
- Products manufactured in accordance with the CE marking, within an integrated management system;
- We have adapted our range of products to the specific requirements of each market on which we operate, both nationwide and abroad;
- Our product offer is in permanent dynamics, successfully implementing the latest proven solutions;
- In parallel with the modernization and continuous development of our production capacities, we have also invested in the transport logistics;
- Our delivery times are competitive, which provides a major commercial advantage;
- Sales, technical and assembly training;
- Professional commercial support provided by our team of Area Managers and the Customer Service Department;
- Dedicated technical support in the factory and on site;
- A unitary marketing concept;
- You benefit of a representative brand in the field;
- Wide portfolio of promotional materials;
- Joint marketing actions;
- Bidding dedicated Software.

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